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Meet Desiree Santiago: A TRA-Brockton Young Parents Program Success!

My name is Desiree Santiago. I am a seventeen-year-old, single mother. I have an adorable 10-month-old son, named Andrey. I am a very determined and intelligent young woman. Despite this, I have had to overcome numerous obstacles to achieve and pursue my academic goals.

I dropped out of high school when I was 15 years old because I was going through a very rough situation. I mostly gave up on life. In December 2016, I returned to Massachusetts from Puerto Rico. At that time, I was nine months pregnant and in search of a better life for my son and me.

When I arrived to Massachusetts, I was in search of a way to get my diploma so I could go on to college. Once I gave birth to my son, I turned to the Department of Transitional Assistance (DTA) for financial support. To my surprise, they referred me to the Young Parents Program at TRA. I wouldn’t have to return to high school and start from tenth grade.

While I was attending TRA, another challenging situation occurred in my life. This created a need for me to find safe housing for my son and me. However, I had nowhere to go. The best thing DTA did for me, at that time, was to refer me to a shelter. There, my son and I could be safe and have all the support we needed. I am so grateful for the help and support the DTA office has provided to me.

Attending TRA was a big step in my life. I was there for five months before I received my high school equivalency credential. I am very thankful for my YPP teacher, Tara. She was very helpful and supportive on helping me pass my High School Equivalency Test (HISET). Thanks to her, I also enrolled in classes at Massasoit Community College in January of 2018!

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