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Written by Isabell VanMerlin, TRA-Salem ESOL Teacher

Fatbardha Korriku came to Massachusetts from Tirana, Albania on March 4, 2010, to be with her son, who is married to an American woman and they have two American-born children. “Bardha” is close to becoming a U.S. citizen. Her son, who has already become naturalized, is helping her with the paperwork, and we, at Training Resource of America, Inc., are cheering her on! She is excited – AND a little nervous – because she still has to pass the interview.

One must reside in the United States for five years before applying for citizenship. You can actually start the process by submitting the application 90 days before the five years is up. So Bardha put in her application in December of 2014, and was given an appointment on January 28th, 2015, to be fingerprinted and take the written exam. She passed the exam, and now awaits an appointment for the interview. As this is a personal interview, she may have to wait as long as 6-8 months for the appointment. Meanwhile she is studying American history and civics in preparation for the interview. She is being diligent in this and is very knowledgeable now! There is no doubt she will pass the interview with flying colors, and we will celebrate this grand occasion at TRA with her classmates when it is official. Her goal is within her grasp!

And here's a Bardha update! She passed her interview in Boston on Tuesday, April 21st! She is now waiting for her induction date when she will become an American citizen!

Good work, Bardha!

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