I believe that getting what you need in life all depends on a few factors. One: you have to want change. Life as we know it is always changing. Changing things has to come from the desire to want to succeed and do well for one’s self. Two: you have to be willing to give it your all. Accomplishments come from hard work that you have to be willing to put in in order to succeed. Last but not least, you have to stay motived in order to gain the success that will in turn change the outcome of how successful you will become.

My success story is not finished, it has only started. I plan on taking my life to newer and better extremes. However, I will tell you how my journey of success has started. About a year ago I lost my job, due to an unforeseen family emergency. Now as a single parent and sole provider for my son I faced the challenge of scouting out a new job. So many things have changed since the last time I was entering the work field. Resume formats, cover letters, thank you letters and even the way one would apply for a job that was of interest. I found myself overwhelmed and had to learn all these new skills to create a suitable resume and cover letter just to get myself out there on the market as a potential employee for a company that I had interest in working for. I felt as though I was in a pickle so to say. So I tried going to CareerWorks in Brockton. There, once a member, I had the ability to meet with a caseworker, who had helped me with my resumes and critique it. This was a difficult process due to my prior life experiences. Having to overcome a lot of hardships and struggles at a young age I had a large amount of gaps with my employment history. I spent a little over three months going to CareerWorks and attending seminars on how to create a good resume and cover letter, learning interview techniques, and attending seminars that help you learn to better budget you finances once you attain a job. All were extremely useful and very informative. However, three months had passed and I had yet to find a job or let alone get an interview with any companies that I had applied for. I was becoming discouraged and less motivated. One day while speaking with the Full Engagement Worker at DTA she suggested that I should try attending Training Resources of America, a program that would help to provide me with some skills and help get me back out into the work force. So I agreed to give it a shot. I mean what did I have to lose?

Training Resources of America was a stepping stone along my journey for the success that I have had so far. While attending I got to have a second set of eyes critiquing my resume. I received more information about the importance of creating a good cover letter and how to grab the reader’s attention to want to look at my resume and application out of the several that they receive for my desired position at their company. At Training Resources of America, there was always information provided about job fairs and you would receive daily emails of certain jobs that maybe of your interest to apply for. They are on top of having you continuously search and apply to several jobs each week. This is great, because you get to see what’s out here for jobs. And it is a big help when you lose your motivation after trying to find employment for so long. They keep you on your toes. It’s a great program for anyone who is having a difficult time trying to become employed. You have all the access you need to ready yourself for the work field. Help with almost everything, from creating resumes, cover letters, thank you letters, interview skills; the mock interviews prepare you for the real deal when you get that interview, and you will. They allow you the access to apply for jobs that only allow online applications. Training Resources of America gives you the opportunity to freshen up on you skills and preps you for the day that you will be employed at a job of your liking.

While attending Training Resources of America I was working on my job search. When I came across a job add for a position at the Veteran’s Affairs Hospital located here in Brockton for a Food Service Worker. Having a work background in dealing with food service I thought that my skills fit the requirements for the position. So I looked further into the position and what the job entailed. The hours were great and worked extremely well with my schedule being a single mother. The hourly wage was that of higher than the states minimum wage, which that too was a plus. So I decided to go ahead and write up a cover letter and apply for the position. Low and behold, I was granted my first interview in about four and a half months of job searching and a month into being at TRA. This was absolutely great! What was greater was that I had an amazing interview and a nicely put together resume and references. The interviewer told me that federal job applications can take up to forty-five days to hear back anything on whether or not you will be offered the position. In two weeks, I received a phone call from human resources and was offered the position. After yet another lengthy application to become a federal employee and background check, I will be starting my new job next week. I am so excited to be back in the working field; to be able to earn my own money and provide better for my son is going to be the best feeling ever. I have succeeded in my journey to find and obtain employment. I have begun the first step to becoming self-sufficient.

My name is Julie and this is my success story.

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