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Carlos Goncalves was a student in TRA-Salem’s ABE 1 class a few years ago. Having to drop out due to scheduling issues, he was bound and determined to come back and get his high school equivalency certificate. Though, he is not a native English speaker (his first language is Portuguese), Carlos continued to work hard and came back to us this past April 2015 to enroll once again.

When given the TABE locator test this time, he was no longer an ABE 1 student but advanced to the ABE 2 class, with Amanda Warnock as his instructor. With Amanda’s assistance, Carlos took the practice tests and concentrated on areas he needed help with. He decided to go ahead and schedule all the tests while continuing to study up until that time. He came back very excited to have passed the first four tests he took first time around. All that was left was writing which he took two weeks later. Again, he passed the test!!!!!

Carlos is a very positive and focused individual and is an excellent role model for our other students. He has agreed to come back in the future and speak to the ABE classes as a motivational speaker. We are very proud of him and also of his instructor, Amanda Warnock, who constantly supported him.

Gail DiVico
TRA-Salem ABE Program Director
June 1, 2015

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