It has been a trying year for me. I left a domestic violence relationship, and was moved to a domestic violence shelter. I suffered a nervous breakdown and had checked myself into the South Shore Mental Hospital. But through it all, I stayed in school at TRA (TRA-Quincy Adult Literacy Program) and learned as much as I could in order to get my GED. I feel such a sense of accomplishment. I actually earned my GED while going through hell and I came out of it, a better and stronger person.

I owe it all to the staff of Training Resources of America. If it wasn’t for the wonderful teachers and staff (Nadeen, Jim and Dianne), I probably would have dropped out and given up. Because I didn’t, I know I can achieve anything.

As for the next steps in this new chapter of my life, I intend to go to college and get my degree in Paralegal Studies. I am so happy just knowing how far I have come in the past year; it is such a great feeling. No one can ever take this away this from me because I earned it for myself and by myself.

~ Stephanie Dawson

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