My name is Cherlin Dubon. I came to the TRA-Quincy Young Parent Program in June of 2013. I want to have a better life for my daughter and me. When I came I was determined to get my GED by August and enroll in college by the fall. I worked very hard in class. My teacher was very helpful to me. I was able to take and pass most of my GED tests by the end of August. I did not pass the Writing test. This was hard.

At the end of September my daughter was sick. At the beginning of October my daughter was sick again. This made it hard, but I finally rescheduled my Writing GED.

At school I started sending out my resume on-line with applications I found on-line. I was offered an internship at the DTA office in Dudley Square. I worked there for a short time. Finally, I passed the Writing test and I received my GED Diploma! I still want to go to college. I would like to study in a field that helps other people.

YPP took a little longer than I expected, but it helped me to get started on the road to my new life.
~ Cherlin Dubon

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