My name is Robin Murray and I am a mother of a teenage daughter. I was out of the workforce for eight years and needed to get back to work because my family and I needed more income – so I was referred to Training Resources of America (TRA) through The Department of Transitional Assistance (DTA). Before coming to TRA, I never knew there was so much involved in job searching. I never knew how to email before I started here; also I did not know how to send resumes, references, or cover letters to potential employers.

TRA taught me how to be better prepared for employment. Through my Employment Specialist and Employment Prep Instructor I learned how to create resumes, write cover letters, thank you letters, and references. In addition, TRA offers the Customer Service Certification Program and a typing program which helped me enhance my typing skills. The Employment Specialist did a series of mock interviews with me to prepare me for a real job interview. The mock interviews helped me with three different interviews I had, and with the job fair I attended through TRA. The Employment Specialist landed me a fourth interview where I got a job at Vicente's Tropical Grocery full time as a cashier.

The staff at TRA makes you feel relaxed with the problems you come across. They will help you with any and all questions you might have and let you know if something is wrong with a paper you typed and help you perfect it. I really enjoyed being here because I am now better prepared for the real world again. The Instructor and Employment Specialist helped me with everything I needed to have a better success rate of finding a job. I highly recommend this program to those who want to further their career readiness skills.

~ Robin Murray

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